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Company profile

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*A world from President:

Are you looking to provide your customer with the best product at the best price? Welcome to Sunshine !
For over 10 years, we’ve been working with our customers to design the inflatable item they need for their communication.
Here you’ll find a full range of technical solutions and innovations, and a team of representatives keen to ensure that we design the product to meet your needs.
Our sole aim is to give you satisfaction … we look forward to seeing you soon on our production lines.


In 2004 Head factory P&D Plastic Maufacture Co., Ltd was founded,9000 square meters

In 2006 P&D moved to Lingang industrial part, 23000 square meters

In 2009 Sunshine Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd was founded. 13000 square meters

In 2010 Sunboway Plastic Maufacture CO., Ltd wsa founded, PVC film put into production, 38,000 square meters

In 2013 Sunshine moved to Sunboway,prodctivity integration.

In 2014 Sales team from 3 factory moved in to 1 building, integrated delelopment.

In 2015 We keep on moving...

*Basic infomation:

The company covers an area: 58 acres (38,666 square meters).
The number of employees :300-500 (with 10%) of the current staff. Management, quality control personnel, designers total number of 30-40.
Existing production machinery and equipment: 4KW 60, 11KW-headed machine 4, 15KW-headed machine 3, 25kw-headed machine 2, 35kw-headed machine 2 sets of 50KW double-headed machine (automatic slide) , 100KW double-headed machine (the automatic slide).


*Certificate and Customer: 

The company has passed: ISO certification and ICTI certification, another anti-terrorism certification is being reviewed.
The well-known partners: Disney, Aqua, Wal-mart, K-mart, Coca Cola, Hello Kitty, KFC and so on.


11 year purchasing experience,depends on a number of high-quality suppliers, advantages on purchasing is obvious;

18 person design and sample making team, quickly sample delivery;

500 stable staff, to ensure accurate delivery;

5 years ISO 9001-2008 quality system, the quality can be strictly controlled;

Full experience on Environmentally friendly materials PVC production.phthalate free 6P, Rohs, Reach, PAHs

*Every colleagues for our factory is ready to serve you!



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